Sake bottle

027c_Sake bottle_01

We drink sake from these small bottles and cups. So small that we have to pour each other all the time. It is not really rational, but we like pouring small amount of sake and having actions all the time during the meal. It is fun.

027c_Sake bottle_02

Kimono Obi

025c_Kimono Obi_01


These days, women do not wear kimono. There are many kimono obis, but simply not being used. Sometimes, I use them as a table runner.If you come to Japan, you can find them at the antique shops. Could be nice to place on your table.

025c_Kimono Obi_02


025c_Kimono Obi_03

Simple Design

022c_Simple Design_01

Although I love many different kinds of interior and furniture designs, I seem to enjoy simple design more as I age more….. What will happen when I become 85 years old? I may only have a few things in the house, but I will be filled with so many beautiful memories.

022c_Simple Design_02

Japanese Table Setting

016c_Japanese Table Setting_01

I have a tatami room. Sometimes, I put a coffee table on the floor.Then I prepare the table setting. Sitting on a tatami room may be uncomfortable in the beginning, but we can sleep right after we eat and drink! I like to mix Japanese style with western style.

016c_Japanese Table Setting_02


016c_Japanese Table Setting_03


016c_Japanese Table Setting_04