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I love listening to Jazz, especially Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, and Oscar Peterson while I am eating Japanese food. Is it only me?

Bread Sushi

029c_Bread Sushi

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I make small sushi with small breads, too. It is fun to decorate bread sushi!

Bento Box

028c_Bento Box

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Bento is so popular in Japan. We bring Bento box everywhere and eat outside, inside, in the train (which is one of my favorite). Here, I put fried cutlet, marinated boiled egg and steamed rice. Time to move outside, enjoy my lunch.


Miso Soup

021c_Miso Soup_01

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Miso soups are one of the most special foods in Japan. Although many people eat breads for breakfast, I eat rice and miso soup with lots of vegetables. I also like Nattto, the fermented beans for the breakfast.

021c_Miso Soup_02

My Bird

015c_My Bird

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He is Hibiki. Written as 響. It means ‘feeling of a sound’. He sleeps on the floor just like us Japanese.

Whisky Highball

013r_Whisky Highball_01

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I think whisky highball goes really well with the Japanese foods. I love adding a piece of lemon peel.

013r_Whisky Highball_02

If you find some Japanese whisky, try some them with Japanese foods. (Try Ham Cutlets!)

013r_Whisky Highball_03